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Brand Strategy Framework

Brand Strategy Framework

Brand Strategy guides us through the process of understanding who we are, who we talk to and why anyone should care.

It not only brings clarity to your message but also ensures that your identity is easily recognizable and unforgettable. Plus, it simplifies marketing by establishing your business personality traits and standardising your visual identity, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you want to create a campaign or launch a new product.

Maintaining a consistent look and voice also builds trust and credibility. some crucial ingredients for nurturing brand loyalty. As you become more attuned to your brand’s identity, objectives and values, you can communicate more effectively with your audience. Your strategy and brand guidelines documents, which are the result of the process, can be shared with any stakeholder ensuring everyone, from designers to marketers and all our team members, understands how to maintain that consistent vibe.

With your brand strategy in hand, you can channel your energy into what you do best – your job!

The Process

This process consists of 3 stages:

Brand Strategy

This is the part where we get clear about your brand personality, pinpoint your target audience and take a close look at your competition.

Visual Identity

Building upon the strategic groundwork, we bring your brand’s personality to life visually, crafting a captivating look and vibe that truly connects with your perfect customer.

Action Plan

Here, we outline your goals, assess marketing tools and strategies, so you’re all set to kick-start your marketing efforts.

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This initial phase involves conducting an in-depth interview with you to learn and understand your business. Our objective is to gather all the essential information needed to develop a strong strategy.


To establish a solid groundwork for your brand, we delve into fundamental elements of your business, including its purpose, goals, values, and vision.


This in-depth understanding shapes the essence of its personality, which in turn becomes our guiding star for crafting the visual identity and style.


Gaining insight into your audience is another pivotal component of building a solid brand. When we know who we are talking to, we can craft a message and a visual identity that deeply resonates with their preferences and sensibilities.


In the bustling marketplace filled with various options, it’s crucial for your business to showcase what sets it apart. By analysing the competition, we can set a strategy that helps you stand out and shine, even in a busy crowd.


A brand mapping identifies openings in the market and shows you how to make the most of them to attract more customers. Effective brand positioning helps people understand what your brand stands for and why they should choose it over alternatives, ultimately driving brand recognition and loyalty.


Mood boards are visual collages that serve as a creative reference tool. They combine images, colors, textures, and typography to capture the desired aesthetic, mood, or style for your brand. Mood boards help communicate and align design concepts, guiding the creative process and ensuring a cohesive visual direction.


With the mood boards as a reference, we sketch logo ideas, design the chosen concept and create the branding elements such as colour palette, typography, imagery and all the necessary graphics that will be part of the visual identity.


The strategy and your logo has been finalized. We can step into the process of crafting your branding system. Upon completion, all elements are compiled into a document called “Brand Guidelines”. This document organises the logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and graphic elements to ensure the coherence and consistency of your marketing materials.


We set your goals and determine the most effective approach to achieve them. Next, we identify the most promising campaigns to launch, choose the channels to engage in, and select the software and tools needed. We also establish the budget, timeframe, and outline the anticipated outcomes this strategy should yield.

What our clients say

“A massive shout out to this wonderful creative force that is Alex Devray. We have been working together for a year now. She has developed two brands for me, created web sites and a suite of custom designed imagery that speaks to the work I am doing. She has bought all my ideas to life in such beautiful creative ways and has been a joy to work with. If you’re looking for brand development, web design, graphic and print work, Alex is your woman! She is super creative, reliable and responsive.”

Deanna Daly

Shannon O'Brien

Leadership Coach, Corporate Strategist, Non-Executive Director and Founder of Warriors in the Boardroom

Alex has been very professional, dynamic and reactive all the way through, always caring about every single detail that could make the difference. She has a very strong experience working with corporate multicultural companies in different corners of the world and can understand very well her customers’ needs and expectations. If you have a personal or professional project, I would recommend Alex with no hesitation. Overall, I am very happy and impressed with the work she has delivered from A-Z, and it was on top of that a real pleasure to work with her. I will certainly use her again in the future!

Paulette Chheav

Paulette Chheav

Interior photographer, Real Estate

“We have been working with Design Goodness since 2014 and it has been great to say the least. Alex helped us to envision the bigger picture and supported Conscious Beginnings with the building of our website, ongoing design work for our brand, promotional & print materials, online videos & courses and marketing campaigns. She has been wonderful to deal with, and always accomplished the projects on time to our fullest satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending her work & skills to anyone who wants to bring their business to the next level.”

Maria Makedonas

Jon Unal

Leadership & Mindset Coach

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