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Impro en seine

The Festival of Improv’s International Talents



  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Print Material
  • Website
  • Merchandising

Our fourth year developing the brand for France’s leading Improv festival took us to new and unexpected visual territories, finding inspiration in the spotlight of exceptional comedians from around the world. The festival grew over the years and presented 81 shows in 3 famous theatres in Paris.

In 2019, Design Goodness helped take Impro en Seine to new heights, working closely with the team to drive a record-breaking of 4000 spectators.

Illustration/Poster design

Bold colour, mixed typography & cheerful design convey the Festival’s exhilaration.

The Impro en Seine festival embodies serendipity and genius, and the new branding needed to express those qualities. We created a photomontage made of random objects and actual comedians, representing what could dwell in an actor’s mind while improvisating. For a maximum visual impact, we exaggerated all kinds of contrasts, such as black & white vs vivid colours, big vs small and photography vs vector abstract shapes.


5 days of improv on stage with 300 actors and 100+ shows in 3 prestigious theatres.

The Impro en Seine brand is as surprising, delightful and dynamic as its program. We adapted the festival’s new identity into a visually engaging, functional and friendly web experience. 

The website features the full program and description of each show in a blog format with video snaps. Built on WordPress, the website enables publishers to easily update the content. This flexibility was important to the Impro en Seine team, empowering them to create new shows’ posts and edit information quickly.

Its total impressions have been 42,000 and its higher position in Google search has reached the outstanding rank of 1.5. 




“Quality work and wow effect designs. Alex is also very responsive and approachable.

Eduardo Larrain

Impro en Seine Festival Organiser

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